Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cloud-based data storage and comprehensive recovery plans ensure you’ll be back
online quickly

Backing up your data is crucial because the minute you lose your files from natural disasters or security breaches, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to stay in business. From simple backups and full virtual server replication to disaster recovery planning and staff training, Techvo can help you get back to business, fast.

We employ backup solutions from top-tier vendors, transferring all your files to the cloud so they are safe and easily recoverable within a moment’s notice. We’ll also help you create a detailed disaster recovery plan that outlines what your staff needs to do during a crisis.

We’ll help you put in place a reliable data backup plan that ensures you are able to go back to business in minutes, not days.


What you get from our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution:

  • Data redundancy – we create several copies of your data regularly to ensure availability
  • Maximum security – your files are encrypted and stored on our remote, super-secure servers
  • Retention policies – avoid regulatory fines and stay compliant with industry standards
  • User-friendly recovery plan – comprehensive training for all employees for faster and reliable recovery process