Cloud Solutions

Be more agile and productive by giving your users the ability to work more quickly
and efficiently

Techvo provides an array of cloud-based productivity, email, communication, and backup solutions tailored to suit all your business requirements. Your teams will have anywhere, anytime access to their desktops and applications, allowing them to collaborate on projects and documents in real time, no matter their location.

We’ll perform a cloud readiness assessment, create a migration strategy, and implement it without disrupting your business operations. Our cloud specialists will handle all the technical details such as resource usage, licensing and integration, and provide ongoing support long after the migration is complete.

“Since your data and applications are hosted in one of our secure, remote data centers, they’ll be protected with stringent security protocols.”


Techvo’s Cloud Solutions allow you to:

  • Work remotely – by accessing your business files on the go
  • Pay for what you use – keep your IT budget from spinning out of control
  • Scale easily – adding or removing users only takes a few clicks
  • Reduce costs – by eliminating expensive hardware and maintenance fees