Improve the accessibility and performance of your hardware

Consolidating hardware resources into virtual workstations, storage, servers, operating systems, or applications allows any organization to simplify the management and enhance the performance of its IT infrastructure. This is the principle of virtualization, and it’s what Techvo specializes in.

Our virtualization service creates a virtual version of your IT equipment, allowing you to utilize your resources more effectively, while also reducing infrastructure procurement, management, and maintenance costs.

“We help you deploy VMware solutions where the hardware resources of a single computer are used by multiple virtual machines.”


We can virtualize your entire IT environment, including:

  • Desktops – you can access a fully functioning computer via a local network or the internet
  • Storage – we combine hard drives for easier data management and backup
  • Networks – by allocating resources between networks, they will perform much faster
  • Applications – users can immediately access virtualized applications from computers outside of the office