Improve business communications and collaboration with feature-rich phone systems

Techvo offers enterprise-level telecommunication solutions at an affordable price. Whether your business is in the market for a VoIP phone system, more secure data and wireless systems, or next-generation cabling infrastructure, we provide solutions that will improve your communications, as well as how your team interacts and shares information.

We have partnered with Digium to offer our clients the feature-rich Switchvox telephone system. It allows you to enjoy crystal-clear audio quality and improve your caller’s experience with a variety of built-in phone apps. It’s more than a phone system — it’s a better way to communicate.

“Make and receive local and long-distance calls more affordably with our cloud-based telephone system.”


The benefits of Techvo’s VoIP solutions include:

  • Reduced costs – by eliminating the need to pay for hardware and maintenance fees, you can save big on your phone expenses
  • Reliability – unlike other VoIP systems, you’ll still be able to make and receive calls, even if the internet goes down
  • Flexible options – we offer several payment options and even inexpensive leasing if you prefer
  • Enterprise-level features – Switchvox gives you an incredible array of powerful options to take calls, route calls, and handle voicemail