Get executive-level recommendations and advice from seasoned IT specialists

A Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) takes the time to understand your business’s goals and challenges and creates a technology roadmap that helps you accomplish these goals through the right technology. What’s more, a vCTO ensures your IT runs at peak performance, and can manage large-scale projects such as cloud migrations and network infrastructure deployments.

Unfortunately, many small businesses can’t afford the costs of hiring a vCTO. You need a six-figure budget to cover the salary, bonuses, and resources to execute your consultant’s strategic plans. With our vCTO services, you spend a fraction of that money, and still get an entire team of technology experts on call whenever you need them.

“Our vCTO will report directly to you, delivering important information about your IT infrastructure and opportunities for improvement.”


Techvo’s vCTOs can help you:

  • Track the lifecycle of your hardware and software licenses
  • Build IT policies that align with your business goals
  • Oversee large-scale IT projects from start to finish
  • Make executive-level decisions to set your business up for long-term success
  • Diagnose technical issues within your IT infrastructure